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Want to own your own business but don’t know where to start or afraid you won’t receive the support you need? Fret no more, Graham's provides all our franchisees with the support they need each step of their business journey. Owning a Graham's Garden Care franchise is ideal for those who love the outdoors and have a passion for turning unkempt lawns and gardens into the best on the street!

Graham's Garden Care

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Looking for a way to get into your own business and finally dump your boss? This is your golden opportunity to take charge of your future and secure your financial freedom.

For a limited time only, Graham's are offering new franchisees up to 25% off your initial franchise fee, and a 30% increase in the size of your territory.

Right now, we have more leads coming in than we know what to do with, plus with zero lead fees, a flat-rate franchise fee regardless of how much you earn, and in-house financing for your initial investment; there's never been a better time to start with Graham's!

Terms and conditions apply, see information pack for details. Quote promotion code KS01222/Q422. 

About Graham's Franchise Group

100% Australian Owned

Servicing from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, and from the Bayside suburbs to Ipswich.

30+ years in the industry

Founded in Brisbane in 1992 and have been trusted with lawns, homes and cars ever since.

Over 150,000 Serviced

Domestic & commercial properties across South East Queensland.

Secure & Experienced

We are one of the most secure and experienced franchising companies in Australia.

An Industry Leader

Graham's are a respected, leading name in the property maintenance industry.

Why do franchisees choose Graham's?

Flexibility & Independence

Enjoy a lifestyle that only being your own boss can provide.

Unlimited Growth Potential

No shortage of job leads, plus the option to employ your own staff.

Large Territories & Exclusive Areas

Own your area, own your leads.

Tailored Startup Fees

We tailor each investment level to your own needs, join from as little as $495, or up to $25,000 - it's your call!

Income Guarantee

We offer an income support guarantee program to qualifying new Franchisees to help out while you're building your business.

Flat Franchise Fee

No commission or sales/leads-based fees. One fee regardless of how much you earn. 

"Owning my own business allows me to use my strengths and leadership skills. I have the ability to choose the hours that I work to balance my family and business.

I receive great support from Graham's Garden Care which allows me to produce a first class job for my clients."

David Kehl
Graham's Franchisee

How does Graham's set you up for success?


All new franchisees are provided a two-week training programme with our experienced franchisee trainers to get you up to speed with equipment, techniques and business operations.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our franchisees, we regularly provide ongoing training, product awareness and business development sessions to name a few.

These meetings are a great place for you to meet fellow franchisees, collaborate and improve your business.


New Gold and Platinum level franchisees are provided with commercial-grade equipment to get you started quickly and reliably.

This is the perfect arrangement for anyone looking to launch their business but doesn't yet have the right tools for the job.

We are also able to provide you with pathways to lease or rent equipment if needed. 

Already have your own equipment? No problem!


Graham's Franchise Group is locally owned and operated in South East Queensland - just like you.

Our local customer service team are available for advice and support 5 days a week, and have access to their Regional Manager after hours as well.

While you are running your own business, we're here to support you on your journey as part of our safety net through initiatives like our income guarantee.


Graham's invests considerable amounts in lead generation campaigns for our franchisees across our covered areas. 

We use Google ads tailored to your specific franchise type, and targeted to your territory.

Additionally, we run display advertising and organic listings across multiple service websites and newspapers to drive enquiries.

We also provide you with brochures, flyers and other promotional print marketing materials so you can be prepared for kerbside leads and referrals.

The process

1. Get your free information pack

Give us a call on 1300 134 035, or use the form below to get your free information pack that contains everything you need to know about the opportunity.

2. Complete an initial interview

Our team will take the time to discuss your specific goals, aspirations and needs.

3. Request a free trial

We'll organise a free trial day with an existing franchisee to see what a normal day-in-the-life of a Graham's franchisee looks like.

4. Make your choice

Feel like we're a good fit for eachother? Deliberate on it and sign on with us to ditch the boss once and for all!

5. Get started!

Once contracts are signed, we'll enrol you in a two-week in-house training programme before you launch.

Get your FREE franchisee information pack